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Energy Healing 

Shamanic Reiki

Similar to Crystal Reiki, but all 4 elements are represented and used for healing. First smudge and

fan to clear attached energy, then a rattle is used to clear and move energy. Then the reiki healing

starts, finished off with drum to raise the vibrational field.  Sage (air) is used to cleanse the aura.

Crystals (earth) amplify the energy. Lavender, Sage, or Palo Santo Spray (Water) Are used to

cleanse the energy, small waterfall with essential oil also represent water element. 

Candles represent fire.  


*Please notify of any allergies or sensitivities, the sessions can be modified for your needs.  


                                                 Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki  

                                                Tradition Reiki Session. Basic, no frills healing session.





                        Animal/Pet Reiki

                       Traditional Reiki healing session on your pet/animal

                       Dogs, cats, goats, horses, chickens....All living beings benefit from Reiki healing.


                                 Price varies on animal and travel distance. Starts at $50.00



Distance Reiki Healing Sessions

Traditional Reiki session with crystals, to amplify energy, on a "surrogate".  Preferably a photograph

is helpful for visualization. Good for someone hospitalized, preparing for surgery, or elderly not able

to leave facility (That person MUST agree to receive Reiki before hand). Can be used for pets as well.



*Consent form must be signed before any healing session. 





   Psychic Readings



                           Medicine Wheel Rune Readings 

                           Intuitively made runes of Native American symbols read upon a medicine wheel.

                                      $1.00 per minute, up to 25 minutes




Tarot and/or Oracle Card Readings

Various decks are available, but generally the Thoth Tarot deck is used.

$1.00 per minute, up to 25 minutes


                                    Birth Charts and Destiny Card Readings

                                                   Email to your name, birth date with year and time of birth

                                    (if known) and birth place. A reply email will be sent back with results and destiny reading.

                                       * Please note it can take up to a week for the completed reading.


   Ceremony & Ritual

                            Drum Ceremonies 

                                 A drum ceremony typically involves a gathering of people who come together to engage in rhythmic drumming,                                     often with the purpose of spiritual or communal connection. These ceremonies can take various forms                                                       depending  on cultural or spiritual traditions, but they generally involve participants sitting or standing in a circle,                                      each with their own drum or percussion instrument.

                                 The drums used in these ceremonies can vary widely, ranging from traditional hand drums like djembes or frame                                  drums to more contemporary instruments like drum sets or electronic drums. The rhythm and beat created by the                                  drumming are often thought to induce trance-like states, promote relaxation, and foster a sense of unity among                                      participants. 

          Overall, drum ceremonies serve as a powerful tool for fostering connection, promoting mindfulness, and celebrating the                      rhythm of life. They provide a space for individuals to come together, express themselves creatively, and tap into the                            collective energy of the group.

 I hold many open drum circles  around the valley with a donation fee  (average $10 donation requested but anything helps).

Private ceremonies are negotiable, but average about $100,  usually a ceremonial tea is included.  Own instruments are preferred, as of now provided instruments are limited.

               *Donations go to new drums/instruments and provided teas/snacks.


                             Guided Shamanic Journey Ceremony

    Shamanic journeying is a spiritual practice used by shamans to connect with the spirit world for

purposes of healing, divination, and spiritual growth. The participants enter an altered state of

consciousness through drumming, chanting, dancing, or the ingestion of psychoactive or

entheogenic plants. In this trance state, the consciousness leaves their physical body and travels

to non-ordinary realities where they can communicate with spirit guides, ancestors, and power

animals. The shamanic journey provides access to wisdom, insights, and healing energy not

available in ordinary consciousness. During the journey, participants may meet spirit beings,

receive visions, or travel to other realms and may gain knowledge, visions, or energy to help

themselves or others community to heal. 

             Usually runs 2-3 hours including the tea ceremony prior to the journey.   
Teas can vary depending on the purpose/healing desired and availability.   Examples are Egyptian blue lotus, mugwort, kava, cannabis and others.  

              Sound healing, generally drumming, rattles, etc. are also included. 

Price varies on desired herbs and travel distance. Starts at $150.00.

                                    Intention Fire Ceremony with or without Tea (or herbal Smoke)

                  An intention fire ceremony is a ritualistic practice in which participants gather around a                                   fire with the purpose of setting intentions, releasing negative energies, and manifesting                                     positive change in their lives. These ceremonies are often rooted in spiritual or shamanic                                   traditions but can also be adapted and practiced in various cultural and spiritual contexts. 

                An intention fire with tea ceremony combines the elements of an intention-setting fire ceremony with                the ritual of tea preparation and consumption. This unique blend of practices creates a holistic and                     meditative experience that engages the senses, fosters mindfulness, and facilitates intention-setting in                a serene and communal setting.

           Ceremony usually involves companion herbs to burn with the intentions to help boost the magic.

               Includes specific intention tea ceremony as well and a small guided manifestation mediation.

               This can be easily included with other services.  

               Price varies on desired herbs and travel distance. Starts around $85.00


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