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Welcome! I am  Shari B. known as the  "The Redneck Witch", of  Phoenix of the Desert Tribal Mystic & Healer.  I am a mystic, medium and spiritual practitioner with a diverse range of talents and skills. Originally from rural western Pennsylvania where life was steeped in the Appalachian folk magic,  at a young age I realized that I could sense things that others couldn’t, and that our surroundings hold deeper tiers that most people are not aware of.


As a psychic, I tap into unseen realms to provide guidance and insight. I'm a skilled rune reader and tarot reader, offering clarity and direction through ancient divination practices. I consider myself an eclectic witch, drawing upon various traditions to empower and heal others. I am drawn most to North American Native cultures as well as Norse and Celtic paganism.  


As a Usui Reiki Master and shamanic practitioner since 2019, I channel universal energy for spiritual healing through my unique blend of Reiki and shamanic techniques. I am initiated in the nine rites of Munay Ki of Peru and continues expanding my knowledge of shamanism, along with ongoing training with a Cherokee Shaman.

I am also a Magdalene Isis Priestess, embodying the divine feminine energy of Isis and Magdalene through sacred rituals and ceremonies.


I facilitate drum circles and consciousness-expanding ceremonies with healing herbs and teas to bring communities together for healing and connection.  With my unique blend of skills and talents, I am  dedicated to helping others find healing, empowerment, and spiritual growth.


Also a passionate artist and photographer, I capture the beauty of the unseen world in my creations.  I create many things, from runic jewelry, home décor, ritual kits, smudge feathers and painted art.  I  prefer to use nature and natural ingredients with much intent in all I  create.  I offer a transformative and holistic approach to well-being that touches the mind, body, and spirit.

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